Fitting Finale

Going into the final game of the season with Benilde-St. Margaret we needed to win for a 500 season, and we did, close, but a big fat W to end with 6 wins, 6 losses and 1 tie. The Red knights were tough but we were at our best. We passed our best, and excelled at applying pressure on-the-body and the draws. With our secret weapon, Hopalong Hoppe covering our net, our offense was able to pepper theirs with 18 shots, 7 of them successful. (We did miss the Knights net wide and high a good (or bad) five times but the stats show we were bubbling with enthusiasm for points on the scoreboard.) Mack the Gunner got one in, MVP Pitera scored twice, Julia the Jewel scored another and Maria the Menace whopped another hat trick. Julia’s hustle and energetic soul  was especially worthy of note. This game saw our team at its best. Everyone worked hard on and off the field, supporting one another and whipping up the spirit. CONGRATULATIONS! Have a great summer and for our three seniors, Maria, Jane, and Claire H. our prayers and best wishes go with you. Play well, pray well and stay well!   JEF, DF, and TC.

Season Stats: Maria Cullen 21 goals, Jane Hoffman 13.

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FOUR SECONDS! That’s all there was left to the game when Apple Valley tied it up. JV record to date: 5 WINS, 5 losses, 1 Tie, with two games left to play. The game with APPLE VALLEY was close from start to finish, with questionable passing the issue for both teams. WE had our moments, though, with good stuff on offense and defense but could have used a bit more time to uneven the tie. Scoring for CDH: Sara Brown got her second of the season and Sophie Johns her fifth. But holding the lead in the scoring category were Maria Cullen with three more giving her 18 for the season thus far, and Jane Hoffman with one more giving her 13 for the season. Both teams matched closely in winning the draw and goalie’s saves. Two more to go! St. John de Brebeuf, play with us!

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Roseville won the contest on May 16, eight to six. Hopping Hoppe tallied eight saves with the scoring support of Graceful Grace G, Sink ’em Sophie J (2), Mad Maria C (2) and loopdaloop Lowry D. A hard loss for the team.

BUT Then, against Moundsview Mustangs on May 19, the TEAM pulled together for a spectacular victory. Over all. improved mark-ups (with a way to go still) best hustle yet, more on-target passing, cleaner on-the-body contact, and a memorable EIGHTEEN shots on goal, Eight of them as scores! Doesn’t happen without the teamwork of DEFENSE, MIDIES, AND ATTACK. Scoring for CDH this trip were Amazing Grace C (2), Mad Maria (3), Jumping Jane (1) Killer Miller (1), and Never late Kate G (1).

Season ends next week with three contests: Forest Lake, Apple Valley and Benilde St. Margaret. Friday off, next practice is Saturday. May 21, from 10 til Noon. Moving in the right direction… TEAM WORK works wonders.

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On a Roll!

CDH Raiders 4, East Ridge Raptors 2! After a slow start for the 2016 season, Ladies Junior Varsity LACROSSE have turned it around from 1 and 4 to 4 and 4, wins vs. losses. This one, away, in a gentle persistent rain witnessed improved on-the-body and successful passing. Even more important was the support given our goalie, Sophie Hopeful Hoppe who had minimum missiles directed at her. Not so for her counterpart who chalked up 14 saves from the 18 shots CDH directed. (Plus, we missed the net a bit.) Good offense and excellent defense on our  part. Raiders outplayed Raptors in ground balls and getting the draws, and generally maintained control of the game. Menacing Maria Cullen scored twice, shored up by singles from Julia the Jewel Guttery and Sink ’em Sophie Johns. Honorable mention this game goes to Classy Claire McMahon for aggressive hustle, to Mack the Whip Miller for superb success on  draws and her get-up-and-go. A game well executed with kudos to every team mate. It takes a team to raise a winner. Go Raiders. Brebuf would be proud! Next game Monday against Roseville, Home at 5:30 p.m. Next practices: Thursday 5 – 6:30, Friday 6:30 – 7:45. BRING YOUR PINNEYS!

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May 9, 2016

With superb backing from  our defense and awesome performance from middies and attack, our JV Raiders managed to stay ahead of White Bear Lake to a final 8 to 5 WIN. Jumpin Jane Hoffman jambed four goals into their net. Sara “Boomer” Brown jumped for joy after her goal,  Mighty Katie Mattocks zinged one in, and Menacing Maria Cullen scored one for Grandpa (in the stands.) Overcoming her penchant for missing the net during practice, Amazing Grace Conklin redeemed herself with a smart shot and goal for real. NICE WORK ALL THE WAY AROUND. Lots of hustle, an impressive percentage of on-target passes, some improvement in on-the-body defense. HOnorable mention this game: Grace Gaertner, Claire McMahon, Jordan Sundt, Claire Hennesey, and Maddy Anderson. Special kudos to Mackenzie Miller for being quick on the draw (CDH won 7 of 12) and her amazing footwork! CDH also outpaced WBL on ground balls (8 – 3). Sophie Hoppe did well on guarding our net, saving 6. Skills to work on: on-the-body, double teaming, accurate shooting (we missed their net  completely at least five times), offense getting open, and spreading out. Next Game: at East Ridge, bus leaves at 3:30. Practice tomorrow at 7:30 p.m.  (Pizza/pasta re-scheduled for Wednesday, May 18, after practice.)

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To the WOODshed

It feels so good to win, and win we did by taking WOODBURY for a 10 to 3 victory. Only seven more wins to go! For this one, KUDOS to every player: superb passing and catching, 75% dominance on the field, improved on-the-body witch-a-ma-jig, and excellent hustle. Scoring goals with the help of teammates: Cullen, Johns and Gaertner each nailed two, while Anderson, Mattocks, Miller and Hoffman nailed one apiece. Besides the TEN goals, we registered TWENTY additional shots on goalie. That is pressure worth remembering! In our net was Nora the Magnificent from our B squad, pinch-hitting for Hoppe. Nora saved us seven! We bested the Woodworkers in the groundball department but they out did us on the draws. Worth special mention: Banks’ two interceptions and Kate Guttery’s on-the-body successes. Overall, a perfect weather day and a terrific result. Next game: at home, White Bear Lake, 5:30 p.m. Monday, May 9th.

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A tough loss, but anticipated by the coaches  with the low energy warm-up before the game. CDH was out-run, out gunned and out-played but not by much. With more zip to start we could have drubbed PARK. Even so, we did show some progress. Better doubling and tripling on defense, some individual sparkle from Katie Mattocks, Kate Guttery, Jordan Sundt, and Mach Miller, with the hustle factor improved but not still lagging. Scoring for the Raiders:  Maria Cullen (2) and Sophie Johns (1) while Park parked nine in our net. Sophie Hoppe chalked up nine saves. In the other categories, Park bested CDH by three times on winning the draw.

Record to date: one and four. New day tomorrow!

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